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Jorge Salgueiro was born in Palmela (Portugal) in 1969. Until 1998 he divided his work as a composer with that of a trumpeter, being a member of the Private School Orchestra (1986), the Navy Band (1987), the Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Youth Mediterranean Orchestra (1988), the Symphonic Orchestra of Corfu/Greece (1989), Torres Vedras Municipal Orchestra and the European Community Youth Band (1990) and the Portuguese Youth Orchestra (1991). On several occasions, he was a soloist and, in 1988, he won the 1st higher level prize on the trumpet in a competition run by Portuguese Musical Youth. Salgueiri directs his own works since his 17 years old: from 1987 to 1993 he conducted the Loureiros Youth Orchestra, in 1993 the Café Orchestra, between 1992 and 1998 the Setúbal Children’s Choir, between 1998 and 2006 the Educational Orchestra, in 2003 the Orchestra and Choirs of Viseu Conservatory, in 2004 the Oporto's National Orchestra and Oporto's Opera Circle, in 2005 the Orchestra and Choirs of Madeira Educational Cabinet, between 1995 and 2005 he ran the Negros de Luz group. He has composed regularly since his fourteen years of age, having written over 140 works, among which we would highlight Symphony no. 1 "The Voice of the Gods", Symphony no. 2 "Mare Nostrum", the Symphonic Fable "The Farm of Friendship", Cantata "The Conqueror", Requiem for Humankind, Merlin for “O Bando” Theatre Group, two overtures for orchestra and a Divertimento, a symphonic suite, various pieces of band music, chamber music and children’s music. He is the resident composer of the Portuguese Navy Band, where he was decorated with the naval cross medal. He has carried out approximately 300 arrangements of works by other authors. In addition to being regularly interpreted by some of the greatest Portuguese interpreters, his work is performed throughout various European countries and the United States. EXTERNAL LINKS Jorge Salgueiro