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Distinguished for his work’s originality and diversity; his musical world reflects an approach that relies on the multifaceted of his capabilities as a composer, as a percussionist, as an improviser and as a poet. He founded the Miso Ensemble in 1985, a flute and percussion duo recognised by the public and by the critics as one of the most important Portuguese contemporary music groups. Besides giving numerous concerts in Portugal, the Miso Ensemble has been presented regularly abroad. Miguel Azguime has obtained various awards for composition and performance, has composed for diverse formations, instrumental and/or vocal with and without electronics, electroacoustic music, sound poetry, including music for exhibitions, sound installations, theatre, dance and cinema. He has received commissions from several national and international prestigious institutions *. Azguime’s music has been performed by renowned soloists, ensembles and conductors **, being regularly presented at majors festivals of contemporary and electroacoustic music ***. Besides his activity as a composer, poet and percussionist, he remains actively dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of contemporary music, as artistic director of the independent label Miso Records and of the Música Viva International Festival. Also for 10 years Miguel Azguime has been the producer of the radio broadcast “Música Hoje” devoted to contemporary music at the Portuguese National Radio - RDP- Antena2. He has developed since 1995 the first Portuguese Loudspeaker Orchestra and as a researcher he has been working in the development of real time computer music, giving lectures and courses on this field. In 2003 he started, together with Paula Azguime the Portuguese New Music Information Center. This same year Miguel Azguime got the 2003 EMS composition prize. * - (Heidelberg Festival - Germany, Festival Ars Musica – Belgium, Experimental Studio Heinrich Stroebel Foundation - Sudwestfunk – Germany, EMS Stockolm – Sweden, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Oriente Foundation, Casas de Fronteira e Alorna Foundation, Ministery of Culture, Centro Cultural de Belém, Europália 1991, Porto 2001, Casa da Música, Teatro Viriato, Seixal Municipality - Ecomuseum Setúbal Municipality – Michel Giacometti Museum, Oeiras Municipality, Lisbon Municipality, …) ** - (Alain Neveux, Jean-Marie Cottet, Alain Damiens, Robert Glassburner, Paula Azguime, Yoshiko Shibuya, Tsung Yeh, Johannes Kalitzke, Stefan Asbury, Gregory Rose, Pedro Amaral, Pascal Galois, Roberto Bollea, California Ear Unit, Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Aventure, Remix Ensemble, Miso Ensemble, Gulbenkian Choir, Antifonia Choir, Singcircle, Hua Xia Ensemble, L’Autre Trio,…) *** - (ISCM-World Music Days – Luxemburg, Japan, Slovenia; festival Ars Musica – Belgium; Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival - UK; Spring in Havana Festival – Cuba; Florida Electroaoustic Music Festival – USA, Xornadas de Música Contemporânea de Santiago de Compostela – Spain; Festival Synthèse Bourges – France; Festival Novelum – France; Festival Escena Contemporânea – Spain; Festival Transart – Italy; Festival Audio Art Warsaw – Poland; Encontros Gulbenkian de Música Contemporânea; Festival Música em Novembro; Festival Música Viva;…) EXTERNAL LINKS Miso_Ensemble Sond'Ar-te_Electric_Ensemble Classical_Composers_Database Electroacoustic_&_Beyond Na_Outra_Margem Wikipédia_Português Base_de_Documentation_Sur_La_Musicque_Contemporaine 104 Berlinerfestspiele Instituto_Camões Palácio_dos_Músicos DAAD_Berliner_Kuenstlerprogramm. Ópera Computer_Music_Journal Mundo_Clássico Ideias_Soltas Entropia_Design Inventionen Música_Electroacústica_Blog Interdisciplinary_Centre_for_Computer_Music_Research