Catalogue of Scores of João Madureira Published and Distributed by Portuguese Music Information & Research Centre
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  Score Title Date Musical Category Instrumentation (general)
CIMP Score  60'' 2010  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano 
CIMP Score  Ausgraben und erinnern 2006  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Ensemble 
CIMP Score  ECO 2009  Orchestra  Reciter and Chamber Orchestra 
CIMP Score  Encontro 2000  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Flute and Piano 
CIMP Score  Fulgor 2004  Orchestra  Chamber Orchestra 
CIMP Score  Greeting 2010  Orchestra  orquestra 
CIMP Score  Lira 2008  Orchestra  Orchestra 
CIMP Score  Luminar 1994  Chamber music (+ than 8 instruments)  2 Sopranos and Ensemble 
CIMP Score  Missa de Pentecostes 2010  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  2 Tenors, Bass Viol and Theorbo 
CIMP Score  Noite 2010  Soloist(s) and Orch./Ens. and/or Choir  Mezzo-soprano and 8 players 
CIMP Score  Par 1995  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Flute, Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola 
CIMP Score  Poemúsica 1998  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Speaker, Piano 
CIMP Score  Toc, Toc, Toc 2009  Chamber music (2-8 instruments) 
With live-electronics
narrator, ensemble and electronics 
CIMP Score  Wind 2011  Soloist(s) and Orch./Ens. and/or Choir  Trumpet and Wind Orchestra