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OrchestrUtopica is an ensemble dedicated to the promotion of new music, conceived as an “instrument” for composers (with a particular emphasis on Portuguese composers). Founded in 2001 – by the composers Carlos Caires, José Júlio Lopes, Luís Tinoco and António Pinho Vargas, and the conductor Cesário Costa - it was greeted with great enthusiasm by audiences, critics and the musical community alike. As a group dedicated to new music, independent of any academicism of spirit, OrchestrUtopica also aims to be a forum for dialogue and the exchange of experiences radically different from the traditional attitude. Whenever possible, the composers represented in OrchestrUtopica’s programmes are asked to participate in open discussion fora with musicians, artists and audiences. OrchestrUtopica firmly believes in aesthetic diversity as the healthiest position; its programming philosophy recognizes no frontiers between musical camps and artistic disciplines; its vitality depends on an open and wide-ranging vision as regards contemporary musical and artistic creation. In the concerts it has already given, OrchestrUtopica has introduced innumerable works commissioned from Portuguese composers in world premieres and Portuguese premières of foreign works, having thus far enjoyed the collaboration of conductors and soloists of international renown, such as the conductors Yu Feng, David Allen Miller, Tapio Tuomela and Odaline de la Martinez, the violin player Fredrik Burstedt, and the soprano Nicole Tibbels, among others. OrchestrUtopica’s formation includes some of the best Portuguese and Portuguese-resident players, members of the country’s principal orchestras and ensembles. It is thanks to the musicians who collaborate with OrchestrUtopica that its concert appearances and plans have earned the highest praise.