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António Saiote has studied clarinet in the Lisbon National Conservatory in professor Marcos Romão dos Reis’ class. Then, as grant holder of the Gulbenkian Fondation he studied in Paris with Guy Deplus and Jacques Lancelot. In Munich he got the Meisterdiplom of the Hochschule with Gerd Starke. In Spain he specialized in the direction of XXth century music in the Alcala University of Henares with Arturo Tamayo. He also did seminaries with George Hurst in Canford, in England. He was the winner of the Karol Kurpinski competition (Poland), the first prize of the Arts et Idées competition and of the Nouvelles Valeurs de la Culture competition. He was a soloist and an invited musician in various orchestras and chamber groups. Currently, he is the director of the Portuguese Clarinet Ensemble. He played chamber music in duo with pianist Pedro Burmester. He has made worldwide creations of Portuguese and foreign composers. Luciano Berio, Luciano Pavarotti, Klaus Thunemann and Karl Leister among others have publicly expressed him their admiration. He was also a chief assistant of the Inter-Regional Orchestra in Bad-Wuttenberg with the chief Nicolas Pasquet. He has already directed the Symphonic Orchestra for young people, the Invicta Orchestra, the Porto National Orchestra, the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra, the ESMAE and the Philharmonic of the Beiras. The review has seen in him the «evidence that an excellent clarinetist can also be an excellent conductor. ». He gave Master classes in Germany, Brasil, Chili, Poland, France, China, Macao, Belgium, Hungary, India and Spain. He was the president of the board of examiners of the competitions of Setubal, Gaia, Valentino Bucchi Prize (Roma) and a member of the board of examiners of the Oktav Poppa, Toulon and Seville competition. He is the director of the clarinet course at ESMAE. He is also the president of the Portuguese Clarinet Association and the artistic director of the Porto Soloists. His concerts in Argentina, Brasil, Chili, Belgium, France, Germany, England, China, India, USA, etc. were followed by enthusiast reviews. Besides his activity as soloist, he takes part of the Porto Academic Orchestra.