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Paulo Maria Rodrigues did his Biochemistry and Applied Genetics PhD from East Anglia University. He completed his singing studies at Lisbon’s Music Conservatory and later enrolled in London’s Royal Academy of Music, where he did a post-grad in Opera. In England he participated as a singer in several operas, concerts and recitals. In Portugal he was a member of the Lisbon Chamber Choir and of the Gulbenkian Choir. In terms of composition, Paulo Maria Rodrigues received an award at the Portuguese Musical Youth’s Young Composers Competition, after which he dedicated himself to composition while studying in England under the supervision of Rolf Gehlhaar. He was a teacher at the Arts School of the Catholic University of Porto and currently lectures at the Art and Communication Department of Aveiro University. Attracted by a multidisciplinary conception of music, as a composer he sees his pieces as being linked to scenical contexts and undergoing constant recreation and reformulation. Sound objects, improvisation structures and communication through technological languages are the starting points for his musical creation. He also combines different languages, such as dance, image projection or interactive multimedia shows. He participated at NIME’s (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) international conference with the work Cybersong, co-authored by Luís Girão and Rolf Gehlhaar. This musical theatre project combines different art forms and interactive technologies. Paulo Maria Rodrigues is the artistic director of the Helena Rodrigues’ Music Theatre Company, for which he has composed, conducted and co-interpreted pieces aimed at audiences of very different age groups.