Catalogue of Scores of Jonas Runa Published and Distributed by Portuguese Music Information & Research Centre
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  Score Title Date Musical Category Instrumentation (general)
CIMP Score  Echi Colorati 2011  Solo 
With electroacoustics ("tape")
Piano and Computer Music 
CIMP Score  Fluxo 2008  Solo  Piano 
CIMP Score  Il Contrappunto di Specie 2007  Solo 
With electroacoustics ("tape")
Solo Flute & Electronic Music 
CIMP Score  Luna Andermatt 2013  Orchestra  Orchestra 
CIMP Score  Malevich 2011  Soloist(s) and Orch./Ens. and/or Choir 
With amplification
With live-electronics
Orchestra/Kyma X 
CIMP Score  Negus 2009  Solo  Organ 
CIMP Score  Occam’s Razor 2008  Chamber music (+ than 8 instruments) 
With electroacoustics ("tape")
Ensemble & Tape 
CIMP Score  Sylvano Bussotti 2013  Chamber music (+ than 8 instruments)  Orchestra