Catalogue of Scores of José Mesquita Lopes Published and Distributed by Portuguese Music Information & Research Centre
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  Score Title Date Musical Category Instrumentation (general)
CIMP Score  A Deusa Visível 1990  Soloist(s) and Orch./Ens. and/or Choir  Soprano and Choir 
CIMP Score  A Natureza, o Povo e o Espaço 2013  Vocal Group/Choir and Orchestra/Ens. 
With electroacoustics ("tape")
Choir, Brass ensemble, Percussion and Electronics 
CIMP Score  Dois Portfolios Estilísticos II 1992  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  String quartet 
CIMP Score  Ligeti at Home 2001  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Quintet 
CIMP Score  Passeios da Cidade 1995  Vocal Group/Choir and Orchestra/Ens.  2 groups of Strings, 2 groups of Wind Instruments, 2 Percussionists and 8 Singers 
CIMP Score  Quarteto para cinco clarinetes 1991  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  4 soprano Clarinets and 1 Bass Clarinet 
CIMP Score  Sol y Ayre 1998  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  3 Guitars 
CIMP Score  Três Poemas de Mário Dionísio 1986  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Soprano and Guitar