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Vasco Negreiros lived in Portugal untill the age of 10, when he went to Brazil and began his musical education in piano, viola and singing. He specialized in Choral Direction with Carlos Alberto Figueiredo, attending Unirio’s (University in Rio de Janeiro) Direction course. Still in Brazil, he directed the Brasil Barroco Ensemble, participating in the inventory, first contemporary audition and recording of Brasilian repertoire from the 18th century. In Germany he concluded the Superior Course of Direction at the Karlsruhe Musikhochschule at the classes of Martin Schmidt (Choral Direction) and Andreas Weiß (Orchestra Direction). At the Mannheim-Heidelberg Musikhochschule he concluded his Post-Graduation (Kapellmeister) at the classes of Frieder Bernius (Choral Direction), Klaus Arp (Opera Direction) and Wolfgang Seeliger (Orchestra Direction). He finished his PhD in the «Livro de varios motetes», by Frei Manuel Cardoso, in 2005, under Owen Rees (Oxford) and João Pedro Oliveira (Aveiro) guidance.He is professor at the Departamento de Comunicação e Arte da Universidade de Aveiro[1] since 1998. He published several books as well as specialized articles in the areas of Musical Education and Musicology, and has finaly recorded the triple CD «Livro de varios motetes. E ovtras covsas» with the group he founded in 1998, the Vocal Ensemble. He’s also Choral Direction professor at the Daroca’s International Course of Early Music (Spain) as well as in Master Classes, in Portugal, Brazil and Germany, countries where he carries out his artistic activities, as choir and orchestra director as well as composer, musicologist and pedagogue.His arrangements and compositions are performed in Brazil, Germany, Portugal and Spain.He has dedicated these last few years to the creation of Works for child audiences and performers.